Meet our Therapists

Robyn Ashauer - Massage Therapist    Anthony Ashauer - Massage Therapist

Robyn Ashauer

"Therapeutic massage or a massage for relaxation; I like my patients to feel relaxed and comfortable while I provide the right massage for them."


Anthony Ashauer

"I am a true believer in the health benefits gained by regular therapeutic massages."

Robyn has massaged people of all ages and various fitness levels. "Massage is a powerful communicator and an important aspect to healing."

Robyn believes that "everybody enjoys a massage".  And this has been proven by the number of relaxed and happy patients that have experienced Robyn's intuitive touch.


Anthony has over 10 years experience in therapeutic deep tissue massage, working with clients from all walks of life from the ’home managers’ to elite athletes and even body sculptors. Anthony is dedicated to, and passionate about helping his clients by releasing muscle tension and spasm, restoring movement and reducing pain, and assisting the healing processes for the recovery from injuries. 

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