Sports Massage

Sports Massage is a more specialised form of Deep Tissue Massage aimed at the athletes or people in competition or heavy training to achieve their peak performance. It is used for:

  • Preparing for competition by stimulating and gaining greater muscle and joint mobility; ‘exciting’ superficial nerve endings; reducing pain from injury and reducing any tension or mental fatigue.

  • Recovery from competition and training by increasing blood flow and nourishment to muscles whilst eliminating waste products(e.g. lactic acid) via the blood and lymphatic fluids; lengthening tight and shortened muscles and connective tissue.
  • Injury Prevention (prevention is better than cure) by identifying abnormalities in soft tissue and specific areas of tightness which may have the potential to develop into an injury.
  • Injury treatment by massage treatments in conjunction with guidance from other medical practitioners or physios.
  • Relaxation by relieving the stresses from intensive training or competition etc and restoring focus to achieve optimum performance. 

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